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To find out more about how to attend a field trip, please contact the Fort Worth Gem and Mineral Club via email.


Some trips that are scheduled have a cap on the amount of attendees allowed. If there is a trip scheduled with a limit to the number of participants, then you would need to speak with Schuyler so he could try to find a way to get you in, if at all possible. Some trips are also scheduled that will not allow minors. So it is always best to pay attention to this fact before planning to attend. Sometimes these may be first come, first serve sorts of situations for club members on a limited visitors trip. These kinds of trips don't happen often, but every once in a while, we do have an age restriction or maximum number of participants to heed. All Field trip rules must be obeyed. Please, when attending these trips, bring proper equipment: Hard Hat, Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Safety Glasses, Hard Toe Leather Shoes. Without these items (in some cases where they may be absolutely required), you may not be allowed into the site. These are our club safety rules for both liability reasons and for your well being. You will also be asked to sign a hold harmless agreement as well before going on any trips. The site may have other rules like staying in a marked off area. If you don't obey all rules you may be asked to leave. Disregard of these things put the club at risk of not being able to return for another field trip. So be kind and please remember these rules when considering joining us on a trip. If you have questions, please be sure to only ask the person in charge of the field trip or make comments directly to him. He will be able to take care of any problems you may have. Bring every thing out that you take in with you, including garbage. Last, but not least, please be considerate of the host of the company site, as these employees volunteer their time. If you would like, you may copy and pasted these rules and print them out to keep.

Field Trips

Canyon Lake GORGE - May 3rd 2014 (1 - 4 PM)

"The Power of Water" Tour.

RSVP and $10 prepayment needed. Contact Judy to arrange to car pool or meet at gate at 12:30 pm

Contact: Judy Shaw, 817.247.7872

Tours will begin at the GBRA property, 16029 South Access Rd. between Hwy. 306 and FM 2673, take the South Access Rd. the property is located at the bottom of the Gorge, below the Dam in Canyon Lake, TX GPS coordinates N29 51.777 W098 11.228

Tours highlight the Power of Water theme with goals that include increasing the visitor's understanding of the:

1. Canyon Reservoir Project, and Canyon Lake Gorge through the partnership efforts between the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Gorge Preservation Society.
2. Geology of Central Texas.
3. Hydrogeology, especially the interconnectedness of groundwater and surface water.
4. Interrelationship between humans and the physical environment.
5. Process of biologic succession and introduce them to common plants and animals found in the natural communities of the Gorge.
6. Appreciation and respect for the natural environment.

Tour Information:

- Hiking through the Gorge can be physically demanding, and is not recommended for people with heart conditions, bad knees, ankles or in poor physical health.
- Available to ages 7 and up only.
- Maximum 23 people per group tour.
- Good walking shoes and water are required.
- Tours last about 3 hours. There is no potable water in the Gorge.
- Restrooms are located at the top, half way on the tour and at the bottom of the Gorge.
- Participants must carry bottled water and are encouraged to bring a backpack so that their hands will be free.
- No rock or fossil collecting is allowed on Gorge tours.
- Tours will follow a designated route. Participants will not be allowed freedom to wander.
- Everyone who enters the Gorge must sign a Liability Release Form prior to admittance.
- No pets are allowed.
- Questions please call 830-964-5424, Monday - Friday, 9-5pm.

For more information: Canyon Gorge Website


Whiskey Bridge, Crockett Fm, Eocene - Saturday, May 17th 2014 (10 AM)

No restrooms on site.

For those that want a change, at 1:00 pm we will move sites from the Brazos to Bryan to hunt various collecting spots for petrified wood. Our first wood stop has restrooms and fast food joints nearby. There are fist sized pieces of wood next door and really big pieces (full round 2 feet across) across the street.

Neal Immega of the Houston Gem and Mineral Society has agreed to lead a field trip at Whiskey Bridge. It is on Hwy 21 bridge over the Brazos River. Near FM-50. [Google Map Coordinates 30.628311,-96.544104] It is called Whiskey Bridge because Aggies used to have to cross this bridge to get over the county line so they could buy a drink.

Park on the southwest side of the bridge. To get to the collecting area go straight down the bank of the river. You will find cliffs on the west side that are excellent collecting. If the water is low enough, the flats to the east of the bridge are even better. There is a band of vegetation between you and the river that is frequently full of poison ivy so beware. I have never seen a snake here, but the striped skinks are everywhere. I suggest that you first pick out the fossils you can see and then wash the residue through a window screen to find the little stuff. The little coral Turbinolia is common but hard to see except in a washed sample.

What you will find:
Eocene gastropods, pelecypods, squids, shark teeth, crabs, dentalium, and lots of other things. For a brief guide to the 50 most common fossils found there see my field trip Web site for Whiskey Bridge at : Whiskey Bridge Collecting Guide

What you should bring:
Gardening tools and a bucket are all that is required. Some of the fossils are fragile and I like to wrap those up in aluminum foil, tissue, or small containers for protection. Bucket, dolly, digging tools and strong backs for petrified wood.

Contact: Janice Craddock, 682.465.4912

More information:

Whiskey Bridge Outcrop Description

Depositional Trends in Siliciclastic Deposits of the Stone City Transgressive Systems Tract, Middle Eocene, Texas


Check out the video below!


Did you attend a field trip with us? Want to share your photos from the trip with the rest of the visitors to this site? Just write Stephanie Moran an email and she will add your images to the photo gallery! Please note: for the sake of server space and loading time, images that are large in size and are not jpg file format upon submission will be resized to 530 X 400 (estimated size) and converted to jpg compressed file format. When submitting photos, please provide as much detail about the trip as you can. You may even provide captioning for your photos. In the least, the date and place of the trip are requested. Credit of photography will be given to you, if you so request upon submission of photos.

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