Field Trips

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To find out more about how to attend a field trip, please contact the Fort Worth Gem and Mineral Club via email.


• Field trips are organized for the participation of our members. Directions, clothing and special requirements will be included in each field trip notice.
• Most are open to members, spouses and some allow children, when it is safe for them.
• Many trips are on private land, with the owner’s permission and sometimes their special requirements and limits on participation.
• Some hunts require that you sign a hold harmless agreement with specific rules and expectations.
• Members are expected to honor a property owner’s request, respect the property, and leave the site cleaner than we found it. Fill any holes you dig.
• When hunting on public land, do not venture onto private property.
• Members must provide their own tools, safety wear and containers for their finds.
• Most hunts require long pants, long-sleeved shirts, boots or hard leather shoes, some require gloves, safety glasses and hard hats.
• Remember to bring sunscreen, bug spray, your own snacks and lots of water.

Field Trips

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Did you attend a field trip with us? Want to share your photos from the trip with the rest of the visitors to this site? Just write Stephanie Moran an email and she will add your images to the photo gallery! Please note: for the sake of server space and loading time, images that are large in size and are not jpg file format upon submission will be resized to 530 X 400 (estimated size) and converted to jpg compressed file format. When submitting photos, please provide as much detail about the trip as you can. You may even provide captioning for your photos. In the least, the date and place of the trip are requested. Credit of photography will be given to you, if you so request upon submission of photos.

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  About Trips:

At each meeting we will discuss upcoming field trip events and possible trips in the near future. It will also be published in the newsletter, as well as added into the calendar which is located on the forum. Please, feel free to contact Felice Moreno if you have suggestions on a trip for the group. Not all trips allow minors, but there are several trips planned with minors in mind. So if you're considering becoming a member of this group and have children, don't be discouraged! There's something for everyone! For more information on upcoming trips check out our Facebook page (Like us!) or join the forum.

*NOTE: As expected, during the hot months, our trips are not as frequent and this is the same for when it is rainy season, for obvious reasons. It should be known that we do, on occasion, join trips with other groups and visa versa. If you are interested in joining in on a trip, the best thing you can do is write to us and ask for more information, or ask about any up coming trips that may not have made it's way to this website yet. This section is updated as often as I can, but it's just not always going to be the most accurate information either since plans do and can change before reaching my ears.