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 Carl Silvey

Carl Silvey's bio:
I was born in St. Joseph, MO in 1950 but moved to Kansas shortly thereafter. I grew up on a farm and scavenged the creeks, fields, and timbered areas looking for shiny rocks and arrowheads. I have collected arrowheads all my life and was always curious as to how they were made. I started making my own in about 1988 and have been chipping rocks ever since. Kathy and I moved to Texas in 1993, followed my job here. Found out Texas had lots of flint and started rock hunting all over Texas. I attend several knapping related events each year where we chip arrowheads, buy/sell rock for knapping, etc. We have 2 sons of which neither one are rock hounds. 8 grandkids so far. We were charter members of the Decatur Rock Club when it started but dropped out after a few years because it was all about fossils and I liked rocks!! We rejoined the club a year ago and joined the Ft. Worth club at the same time. Just good to be around people with the same interest. We look forward to the coming year and I will do my best to have some interesting programs at our monthly meetings. If you'd like to contact Carl, you can write him via e-mail.

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