1st VP of Field Trips Chairperson!

 Carole Jean aka "C. J." Wright

CJ Wright 2019

*Image at left: CJ Holding a Moon rock in one hand and a Mars rock in the other at the Monnig Meteorite Museum.

Carole Jean Wright, known as C. J., joined the club in 2014 after relocating from New Mexico to Texas. While in Albuquerque, New Mexico C.J. was active in silversmithing and lapidary. New to Texas she was interested in what a Texas Rockhound could find around the state. She accepted the position of Field Trip Chairman in 2017.

Since C. J. is an active silversmith, she assisted the club in organizing and buying some additional silversmithing tools to have a workable silversmithing shop at the club. She has also taught several classes in silver work and soldering.

CJ arranges monthly field trips during the milder months of the year. Most are day trips, with at least one trip that is a four or five day trip in West Texas, or in an adjoining state. There are many fossils in Texas as much of the state was underwater, leaving remains of the marine life. You may find petrified wood, ammonites, sharks teeth, dinosaur bone, shells and marine fossils of many kinds. You can find rocks and minerals in the Llano uplift. West Texas has jasper, agates, petrified wood and other lapidary-worthy rocks.

CJ is retired from a career in healthcare finance and management, working in hospitals and medical groups while in New Mexico. She was on the National Board of Medical Group Management Association and an Officer in Healthcare Financial Management. She loves her silversmithing, lapidary and most recently, faceting of gemstones.

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