Meet Our Membership Chairperson!

 Susan Thielker

Susan became our club president in January 2009 and her term ended in December 2010. She was elected as our Vice President in January 2011 and after 2012 ended she took the membership chair for 2013. She has been rockhouding for about 5 years on a serious level (I've seen her collection - WOW!), and has a very friendly personality. She's almost always got a smile on her face, and takes time out to greet all guests and members personally at each meeting. Her favorite items to collect amongst the fossils seems to be petrified wood & ammonite, although she's got many other gorgeous minerals, fossils and gems in her current private collection. When she's not busy with all the duties that being the vice president entails, she is busy with her business, which has just recently hit it's 15 year mark. She owns a cleaning service company called Do-Rite, and entirely loves her job and the employees of her company as well. Susan is also quite the host when it comes to meetings or gatherings at her place, always presenting comfort, good food, friendly conversation and if the conditions of the visit are appropriate, even some board games. As the club vice president, she oversees many duties, including (but not limited to) filling in as needed, and generally keeping the gears oiled in the club's inner workings. She successfully conducted our 2009 & 2010 Gem Show, and showed us what she's really made of all the while keeping a smile on her face. She's an extremely pleasant person to make conversation with. So if you ever see her don't be shy, say hi! For information on becoming a member of the Fort Worth Gem and Mineral Club, you can contact Susan and she'll be happy to talk with you. You can either drop by the club for a guest visit and talk with her personally there, or you can contact her via e-mail. Whatever you preference in making contact, she'll be happy to talk with you!

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