Meet Our Dealer Chairperson!

 Steve Hilliard

Steve is a key person in our annual gem shows and is also who keeps the details of dealers within the show all organized and functioning properly. As our Dealer Chairperson, he is responsible for signing up dealers who want a spot in our show, keeping the mailing lists in order, sending off our flyers and so much more. He is also a member of the South Central Federation of Mineralogical Societies and an officer with them as well. He is currently holding the position for District I Northeast Texas. When Steve is not working with the club in some way, he is usually off doing side jobs with his wife. He also has a table of his own at our shows and always keeps the neatest inventory available for patrons to view and purchase. He also an avid collector of various rocks, minerals and fossils. As a father and husband, he stays pretty busy and fulfilled in his life, but is always willing to give his time to the club and help in any way he can. So if you ever see Steve around, take the time to say hello and get to know him! If you need to get in touch with him you can do so by sending him an email here.

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