Meet Our Club Secretary!

 Wendy Griffin

Wendy Griffin joined the club in Summer of 2017. This was not long after she began her rock foraging adventures across Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Since becoming a member, she has begun learning the art of lapidary by taking Cabachon classes and by watching and working with other members on shop nights.

Wendy, and her husband Bear, are avid rockhounds, fossil hunters, and plant foragers. They are also active participants in the FWGMC Show in May. They help the club set-up for the show and run the Artio Artisanals booth both days, selling many crystals and raw minerals that come from their rock hunting adventures.

During the week, they homeschool their 3 children and maintain their “city-stead” in Fort Worth, raising critters and growing food and herbs. On the weekends, you can find them across the DFW metroplex taking Artio Artisanals to various events and shows to sell their latest finds.

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