Meet Our Show Chairperson!

 Mary Hilliard

Mary Hilliard is our Show Chairperson. When Mary isn't tending to her duties within the club, she can be found helping her husband with other daily tasks, as she is a retired teacher of 30 years. Mary is a great joy to talk with, always so happy and cheerful, hardly ever found without a smile on her face. She truly reminds you of that favorite teacher you had in school, and certainly is warming to chat with. Mary is a mother and a grandmother and married to Steve Hilliard, who also helps with various things in our club as well. Both Mary and Steve also help to run the annual Gem show our club presents, and they can also be found with a booth, as dealers, at our annual shows. So if you stop by a show, you most certainly should take time to stop by their booth and check out their wonderful collections!

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